Please help us nominate a worthy recipient for the Kite Award--this coveted award helps us recognize excellence in play therapy achievements!

Nominees must have at least three endorsers and one cannot nominate oneself. This award is given to someone who embodies the high standards and practices of CAPT/APT as outlined below:  Candidates must: 

1. Be, or if retired, have been a CAPT and/or APT Professional member in good standing. 

2. Embrace, teach, supervise, and/or practice play therapy. 

3. Have demonstrated service to their communities in a manner that supports and promotes play therapy to advance the field and image of play therapy.  Examples: presentations, advocacy for children’s mental health, publications, trainings, pro bono services to children and families, supervision 

4.  Have abided by the code of ethics and standards of practice and all other legal standards or requirements within the field.  

5. Candidates may also have: Developed programs/services/non-profit agencies that include the use of play therapy and serve their community. 

**If you have someone in mind to nominate, contact us at [email protected] for more information. 

Deadline: Coming Soon!